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Passwords & Internet Security

An unused blog account I had was hacked because I used a very weak password. My browser warned me that hackers turned it into a phishing site so I deleted it. This is a new one.

There are stories in the news about this kind of thing daily; some of these guys are pretty adept at emptying bank accounts and causing people all sorts of online havoc. Protect your accounts!

  • don’t use the same password on multiple sites
  • use strong passwords with numbers, capital letters and randomize it - nothing easy or guessable
  • change them often
  • keep Adobe Flash and your browser updated
  • never never store passwords in your Yahoo or Gmail account

The password I used for the blog account I deleted was one that I used to use on a whole bunch of sites (for years) but fortunately it’s the last account that I used it for. Now I use different passwords for different sites every time.

I get it - we all have about 30 website passwords to remember. Anyone who is active online does, but using the same one repeatedly is a terrible idea. Buy a password manager like 1Password or something similar to keep track of them.